August 21 Overview of lecture and laboratory material for the semester; course requirements; introduction of AIs.
Assignment: Preface; Chapters 1 and 15 NO LAB MEETINGS THIS WEEK
August 23 Course themes and semester threads; geologic time; fossilization. Assignment: Textbook Chapter 2
August28 Dino Autopsy – how dinosaurs lived, looked and moved (DVD)
LAB 1: When Dinosaurs Roamed America (DVD)
August 30 Dinosaur groupings based on pelvic structure
Assignment: Chapter 4, Pages 91-93, 105-107, 196-197, 228-230.
September 4 Classification and evolution- from small invertebrates to large vertebrates such as the dinosaurs
Assignment: Chapter 3 and 4 LAB 2: Rocks, Fossil Preservation, and Relative Geologic Time (specimens)
September 6 Characteristics of vertebrates, and a bit on a predatory bite.
Assignment: Chapters 3 and 4
September 11 Evolution of Fish - how did the earliest fish bite? Assignment: review lecture notes
LAB 3: Dinosaur skeletons and taphonomy (skeletons on paper)
September 13 Focus on fish forms and finish our foray into fossils of fish.
Assignment: review lecture notes
September 18 Evolution of amphibians: oldest, modern, and structural changes in the history of the group.
Assignment: review lecture notes LAB 4: Your inner fish (DVD)
September 20 Amphibians to reptiles: - a major break from water for the amniotes.
Assignment: review lecture notes
September 25 Major amniote groups, including the group to which dinosaurs belong; cladogram exercises
LAB 5: Dinosaurs Decoded (DVD)
September 27 Exam 1
October 2 Herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs - feeding habits of the big beasts
Assignment: Chapters 6 and 9, and pages 228-236, 278-284, 306-310. LAB 6: Dinosaur feeding requirements (calculations and specimens)
October 4 Herbivory and carnivory, continued
Assignment: Chapters 6 and 9, and pages 228-236, 278-284, 306-310
October 9 Dinosaur thermoregulation, from babies to the biggest of beasts
Assignment: Chapter 13. LAB 7 Dinosaur physiology: cold, warm, neither, or both? (… and your original thoughts)
October 11 Dinosaur social behavior – who made music and who rammed heads? Dinosaur eggs and nests and investment in parental care
Assignment: Relevant parts of Chapters 10, 11 and 12, and as guided by lecture information and slides
October 16 The time the dinosaurs roamed the land - what did the land look like so long ago?
Assignment: Chapter 2 revisited LAB 8: A scientific study of dinosaur footprints (calculations)
October 18 Biological evolution of dinosaur groups - putting it all together.
October 23 Dinosaur body and trace fossils: in-class exercise
LAB 9: Ancient and Modern Plants I: GREENHOUSE TOUR. Meet in Jordan Hall at location designated by your AI.
October 25 Earliest evolution of plants - when did food for the herbivorous dinosaurs evolve?
Assignment: Chapter 14
October 30 Evolution of more plant food for the HUGE dinosaurs, or, in scientific jargon: Evolutionary history of vascular land plants
Assignment: Chapter 14 and review notes LAB 10: Ancient and Modern Plants II: Evolutionary History (specimens)
November 1 The age of the flowering plants: using plants as environmental indicators
November 8 Exam 2 Comprehensive from the beginning of the semester
Lab 11: When crocs ate dinosaurs. DVD
November 8 Characteristics and success of birds
Assignment: Chapter 5, p. 98-103, Chapters 7 and 8
November 13 Feathered reptiles and the origin of flight.
Assignment: Chapter 5, p. 98-103, Chapters 7 and 8 LAB 12: Evolutionary modifications of birds after Archaeopteryx (specimens) Meet Jordan Hall: CHECK WITH LAB INSTRUCTOR FOR LOCATION
November 15 Origin of Birds
November 20-22 Thanksgiving Break
November 27 What is a dinosaur? Reptiles that are not dinosaurs: are they still around today?
Assignment: Chapter 5, pages 83-96 Lab 13: Lab summary essays. Bring textbook and all lecture and lab materials to lab.
November 29 Bizarre Dinosaurs: how did these crazy forms function?!? (DVD)
December 4 The Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction: A giant meteorite impact, and more….
Assignment: Chapter 16 NO LAB MEETINGS THIS WEEK
December 6 Raising the Dinosaur Giant
Tuesday, December 11, 2017 FINAL EXAM
12:30-2:30 p.m., Geology Room 126 (normal lecture room) Final Lecture Exam is comprehensive