Courses – Undergraduate & Graduate

Undergraduate Courses

The Department offers introductory 100-level courses in general geology and in specialized aspects of geological and atmospheric sciences, which are all 3 cr. that meet N & M distribution requirements. Other 100-level and 200-level classes are foundation courses required for the geology major. Advanced undergraduate courses include further core courses for the major plus many topics as electives. These offerings also can be taken to fulfill requirements for a minor in geology or specialized courses for students in science education.

Introductory [100 to 200-level]
G103 Earth Science: Materials and Processes Brophy Fall/Spring
G104 Evolution of the Earth Wasylenki/Njau Fall/Spring
G105 Earth, Our Habitable Planet Pratt/Douglas Fall/Spring
C105 Earth Processes and Planets Basu Fall
C105 Records of Global Climate Change Brassell Spring
C105 Extreme Weather and Its Consequences Kirkpatrick Fall
G111 Physical Geology Douglas Fall/Spring
G114 Dinosaurs and Their Relatives C. Johnson Fall
G116 Our Planet and Its Future Yanites Spring
G118 Sustainability In Water Resources Zhu Fall
G121 Meteorites and Planets Basu Fall
G122 Introduction to Atmosphere, Weather, and Climate Staten Fall
G129 Introductory Geology in the Rocky Mountains Staff Summer I
G131 Oceans and Our Global Environment Brassell Fall/Spring
G138 Geology of State and National Parks Revealed Fosdick Fall
G141 Earthquakes and Volcanoes Hamburger/Brophy Fall/Spring
G144 Extreme Weather and Its Impacts Kirkpatrick Spring
G171 Environmental Geology Douglas/Zhu Spring
G188 Volcanoes Seminar Hamburger Spring
G221 Introductory Mineralogy Bish Fall
G222 Introduction to Petrology Wintsch Spring
G225 Earth Materials Ripley Fall
G226 Earth Processes Edmonds/Johnson K. Spring
G227 Earth Climate and History Kieu/Njau Fall
G271 Introduction to Environmental Field Methods Staff Arr
H205 Honors Topics: Theory of the Earth Basu Fall or Spring
H205 Honors Topics: Geology of Sculptors' Material Basu Spring
H205 Honors Topics: Gas Prices and Petroleum Geology Basu Fall/Spring
H205 Honors Topics: Theory of the Earth & Sustainability Basu Fall/Spring
H241 Honors Historical Geology Basu Spring
H241 Earth Beautiful: Why So? Basu Spring
Advanced [300 to 400-level]
G302 Development of the Global Environment Faculty Spring
G308 Paleontology and Geology of Indiana Polly Alt Fall
G323 Structural Geology K. Johnson Spring
G328 Energy, Resources, and the Environment Faculty Spring/Fall
G332 Atmospheric Thermodynamics Kirkpatrick Fall
G334 Principles of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Edmonds Fall
G339 Weather Analysis and Forecasting Kirkpatrick Alt Fall
G340 Physical Meteorology, Climate, and Paleoclimate Faculty Spring/Fall
G341 Natural History of Coral Reefs C. Johnson Spring
G347 Atmospheric Instrumentation and Remote Sensing Staten Spring
G364 Atmospheric Dynamics I Kieu Fall
GEOL X371 Teaching Internship in Geology Wintsch Spring
GEOL X377 Field Geology and Paleoanthropology in Tanzania Njau, Brophy Summer I
G399 Reading for Honors Brassell Spring/Fall
G404 Geobiology Polly, C. Johnson Fall
G406 Introduction to Geochemistry Brophy/Wasylenki Fall
G411 Invertebrate Paleontology C. Johnson Spring
G412 Vertebrate Paleontology Polly Spring
G415 Principles of Geomorphology Faculty Fall
G416 Economic Geology Ripley Spring/Fall
G417 Optical Mineralogy Ripley Fall
G418 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology Brophy/Wintsch Fall
G420 Regional Geology Field Trip Wintsch Spring/Fall
G423 Methods in Applied Geophysics Pavlis Spring
G424 Geological Applications of GIS Letsinger Spring
G427 X–ray Mineralogy Bish Spring
G429 Field Geology in the Rocky Mountains Douglas Summer
G434 Atmospheric Dynamics II Staff Alt Fall
G437 Advanced Synoptic Meterology and Climatology Kirkpatrick Spring
G438 Air Pollution Meteorology Faculty Alt Spring
G444 Methods in Analytical Geochemistry Elswick Fall
G448 Sustainable Energy Systems Faculty Fall
G451 Principles of Hydrogeology Zhu Fall
G454 Fundamentals of Plate Tectonics Hamburger Spring
G466 Hydrometeorology Faculty every 3rd semester
G470 Micrometeorology Faculty Alt Spring
G474 Topics in Micro and Boundary–Layer Meteorology Faculty Alt Spring
G476 Climate Change Science Faculty Alt Spring
G490 Volcanology Hamburger Alt Spring
G490 Field Course in Geoarchaeological Methods Herrmann Summer II
GEOL X498 Undergraduate Research in Geology Brassell Spring/Fall
G499 Honors Research in Geology Brassell Fall/Spring

Graduate Courses

The Department offers graduate courses relevant to our varied research programs. Specific courses pertinent to particular research themes are listed in the brochures for each area accessible from the research page. Graduate credit is also available for many 400-level senior classes as preparation for advanced 500-level and 600-level coursework. Students also take research credits within both M.S. and Ph.D. degree programs, often complemented with topical seminars.

Graduate Level Courses
G504 Metamorphic Petrology Wintsch Arr
G506 Principles of Igneous Petrology Brophy Fall
G513 Seismology Pavlis Fall
G514 Geophysical Signal Analysis Pavlis Spring
G515 Analysis of Earthquake Seismograms Hamburger Fall
G520 Mechanics for Earth Sciences K. Johnson Fall
G524 Carbonate Facies and Environments Keith Arr
G534 Atmospheric Dynamics II Staten Alt Fall
G537 Advanced Synoptic Meteorology and Climatology Kirkpatrick Alt Fall
G538 Air Pollution Meteorology Faculty Alt Spring
G540 Physical Meteorology and Climatology Faculty Spring/Fall
G544 Methods in Analytical Geochemistry Elswick Fall
G548 Sustainable Energy Systems Faculty Fall
G549 Paleoanthropology and Field Geology in Tanzania Njau, Brophy Summer
G550 Surface–water Hydrology Faculty Fall
G554 Fundamentals of Plate Tectonics Hamburger Spring
G556 Wind Power Meteorology Faculty Alt Spring
G561 Paleoecology Faculty Arr
G562 Geometric Morphometrics Polly Alt Spring
G563 Quantitative Paleontology Polly Alt Spring
G564 Atmospheric Dynamics I Kieu Alt Spring
G570 Micrometeorology Faculty Alt Spring
G571 Principles of Petroleum Geology Faculty Arr
G572 Basin Analysis and Hydrocarbons Handschy Fall
G574 Topics in Micro–and Boundary–layer Meteorology Faculty Alt Spring
G576 Climate Change Science Kieu Spring
G581 Surficial Processes Faculty Fall
G582 Computational Methods in Geology Faculty Arr
G583 Isotope Systematics Ripley/Pratt Spring
G584 Geological Applications of GIS Letsinger Spring
G586 Geochemical Modeling Zhu Fall
G587 Organic Geochemistry Brassell Arr
G589 Geomicrobiology Pratt Arr
G590 The Art of Geological Sciences Hamburger Arr
G591 Physical Sedimentology Faculty Arr
G594 Numerical Weather Prediction Kieu Spring 2019
G599 Master's Research Faculty Arr
G600 Advanced Techniques Faculty Fall/Spring
G600 Advanced Techniques -Xray Faculty Arr
G600 Advanced Techniques - Practical Geobiology C. Johnson Spring
G600 Electron Microprobe Analyses Li Spring
G601 Clay Mineralogy Bish Fall
G612 Inverse Methods in Geophysics Pavlis Arr
G616 Metalliferous Mineral Deposits Ripley Arr
G685 Evolution of Ecosystems C. Johnson Spring/Fall
Graduate Level - Seminars and Topical Courses
G633 Advanced Geophysics Seminar Faculty Arr
G637 Seminar in Tectonics Faculty Fall
G685 Evolution of Ecosystems C. Johnson Fall
G690 Field Course in Geoarchaeological Methods Herrmann Summer II
G690 Thermochronology and Crustal Evolution Fosdick Spring
G690 Olduvai Research Seminar Johnson, Brassell, Njau Fall
G690 Sedimentary Archives of Foreland Basin Systems Fosdick Fall
Graduate Level - Research
G810 Advanced Research Arr Fall/Spring
G901 Advanced Research Arr Fall/Spring

Field Courses

400–level field courses are taught during the summer at our Field Station in Montana. In addition, field trips represent an integral component of many courses. 100–level classes tend to be local excursions. The 200–level and 300–level courses (e.g. mineralogy, perology, sedimentology) include visits to relevant, more distant localities, and each year two 400–level regional field trips are offered.