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September 2012: Faculty Positions in Atmospheric Sciences, Geological Sciences, Indiana University, Bloomington

Indiana University is seeking candidates for two faculty positions in the Atmospheric Science Program within the Department of Geological Sciences at the Assistant Professor level.
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An excellent resource is the Syracuse University Library's comprehensive Employment Resources in the Earth, Atmospheric and Ocranic Sciences, which includes links to diverse Job Posting Sites, professional meetings with job centers or career fairs, job-related listservs, links to recruitment pages of major corporations (mostly oil companies), career development links and relocation resources. A very worthwhile site.

Additonal information from the Syracuse University Library can be found on their Earth Science Resources Page, where the schools link will take you to college rankings, funding sources, links to extensive listings of geoscience departments and field courses, and more.

Another useful page is the American Geological Institute's Careers Section, which now includes a new Guide to Geoscience Careers and Employers.

Also, visit the student sections of various organizations, linked on our Resources page. And resources for Grants and other types of funding can be found on our Student Financial Resources page.

Job listings can be found at Earthworks.


Oil companies and oil service companies normally recruit at IU in September-October each year. Watch this space next fall for information.