Minor in Geological Sciences

Notice: The information on this page is for informational purposes only, and does not necessarily reflect official degree requirements, which can change. Students should refer to the degree requirements for their matriculation term in the official College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin, and consult with the academic advisor.


Any 15 credit hours in formal (3 credit or more) geological sciences classes including:

  1. No more than one course at the 100 level;
  2. Either G221 and G222 or G225;
  3. A minimum of 9 credits at the 300 to 400 level, including at least one course at the 300 level and one course at the 400 level.

To declare the minor, you may contact the Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Kathy Davis, by e-mail at

Undergraduate Advisors

For forms and additional information about undergraduate study in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Indiana University, please contact:

  1. Kaj Johnson, Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies,, 812–855–3612
  2. Bruce Douglas, Senior Lecturer and Director of the IU Geologic Field Station, 812–855–3848
  3. Kathy Davis, Undergraduate Academic Advisor 812–855–2391.
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