Honors in Geological Sciences

Students expecting to conduct undergraduate research are encouraged to participate in the honors program. Admission is gained through consultation with the departmental honors advisor, usually no later than the beginning of the junior year. The program includes additional academic support and networking outside IU.

We organize field trips, discussions on ’breaking news’ in Earth sciences, reading peripheral but relevant material, assist in selecting and conducting research projects, publishing peer-reviewed papers, competing for research grants and awards (e.g., Sigma Xi, GSA, AAPG, AGU, etc.), studying abroad, finding the most appropriate graduate school, and a myriad of other productive activities.

To complete the program and graduate with honors, the student must (1) undertake a research project that leads to a completed written thesis, and (2) graduate with a minimum of 3.3 GPA. The thesis may be substituted for one 400-level geological sciences course to fulfill the advanced science/mathematics requirement. The research is guided by a faculty member.

A committee consisting of three faculty members including the honors advisor examines the thesis and conducts an oral examination. Research facilities are available on the Bloomington campus, at the Geologic Field Station in Montana, and may be undertaken at any accredited University upon approval by the honors advisor.

Professor David L. Bish, Haydn Murray Chair of Applied Mineralogy, is the Honors Advisor for the Department of Geological Sciences.

If you are planning to conduct undergraduate research, you may qualify for Honors activities and an Honors degree in Geological Sciences! If you are interested in an Honors degree, please see Professor Bish as soon as possible to find out more about this terrific opportunity.

Undergraduate Advisors

For forms and additional information about undergraduate study in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Indiana University, please contact:

  1. Kaj Johnson, Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies,, 812–855–3612
  2. Bruce Douglas, Senior Lecturer and Director of the IU Geologic Field Station, 812–855–3848
  3. Kathy Davis, Undergraduate Academic Advisor 812–855–2391.
    HOURS: Mondays and Thursdays, by appointment only. Make appointments at StarNet