Indiana University Bloomington

Ph.D. Geology

90 hours of graduate credit with a B average or higher, including:

Completion of M.S. Degree

Major and Minor Subjects


Each aspirant for the Ph.D. degree must pass three distinct examinations

The preliminary exam is taken in the January after matriculation. It consists of a written exam set by the Ph.D. Admissions Committee (typically the CGS), and a brief interview with the Ph.D. Admissions Committee. Questions on the written exam require reasoning, integration of geological concepts, demonstration of quantitative skills and elucidation of research ideas. A broad understanding of geological systems, including surficial and deep-earth processes, is expected rather than specialized knowledge in sub-disciplines.

The qualifying exam is taken when all coursework, including minor requirements have been completed. It consists of three parts:

Success in the qualifying exam formally admits a student to Ph.D. candidacy.

The dissertation defense consists of three parts: