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Studying deep subsurface mines with similar conditions to extraterrestrial locations
Nucleation and Fluxes of Atmospheric Particles
Dispersals of early humans: adaptations, frontiers, and new territories
An outreach program bringing  seismology research into the classroom
seismic zone

IU geologists identify new seismic zone near Illinois-Missouri border

From the IU Newsroom: Geologists at Indiana University have characterized widespread seismic activity in an area they call the Ste. Genevieve Seismic Zone, suggesting a greater possibility of earthquake effects than was previously recognized in southwestern Illinois and eastern Missouri. more

Curiosity Rover On Mars


  • Remember last year’s building reorganization for the IU recruiting commercial? The commercial has been released. more
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Outreach Projects

  • screwball trophy
    SCREWBALL COMPETITION! It’s time again for our annual Screwball competition! Screwball is a department wide competition, sponsored by Geoclub, in which everyone gets to nominate a professor whom they believe is doing wonderfully in the department, and is worthy of being called Screwball. The competition is run like a penny war. After all nominations are in, there will be jars for each nominee placed in the front office on the first floor of the geology building. To cast a vote in favor of your favorite professor, you place pennies into his or her jar. To hinder an opposing professor, you place any larger denomination of money into his or her jar.
    As a reminder, The candidates for this year’s competition are Peter Sauer, Laura Wasylenki. Doug Edmonds, Michael Hamburger, Gary Pavlis, Julie Fosdick, Bill Monaghan, and P. David Polly. In order to cast your votes for the professor of your choice, you must put pennies into their jar. All other denominations of money count negatively, so they can be put into other jars to help your choice get to the lead. All money collected during the competition goes to supporting Geoclub outings and events. Screwball will be awarded at the Holiday Party on December 11. Everyone can vote, so please go in there and cast your votes!
  • Holiday Party The annual Holiday Party will be held in the banquet hall at Upland Brewery on Thursday, December 11 beginning at 6:00 p.m., with dinner at 7:00. Contact Carley Gasaway (email) for tickets and information.

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