Indiana University Bloomington

Research Areas

Note: Please contact individual faculty about potential graduate student support.

Clay Mineralogy

Contact: David Bish, Haydn Murray

High-speed refrigerated centrifuge, high- and low-shear rheometers, BET surface area analyzer, Sedigraph particle size analyzer, brightness analyzer

Mineralogy of the Martian surface

Contact: David Bish, Juergen Schieber

Thermal analysis laboratory, scanning electron microscope lab, CheMin

X-ray powder diffraction under non-ambient conditions, Rietveld refinement

Contact: David Bish

Bruker X-ray diffractometers, Anton-Parr TTK heating/cooling stages

Coal and Maceral Petrography, Chemistry and Isotope Geochemistry

Contact: Maria Mastalerz

Coal petrography lab with reflected light microscopes equipped with photometry systems and fluorescence attachments; standard photographic camera and digital camera with image analysis software

Lunar and Planetary Mineralogy

Contact: Abhijit Basu

Scanning electron microscopy, light microscopy

Mineralogy of saline-alkaline lakes, zeolite mineralogy

Contact: Lisa Pratt, Edward Ripley, David Bish

Finnigan MAT252, with EA

Metamorphic mineralogy, fabric and orientation analysis

Contact: Robert Wintsch, David Bish

Bruker X-ray diffractometers, Scanning electron microscope, electron microprobe

Minerals, Ore Deposits, and Applicable Isotopes

Contact: Edward Ripley, Erika Elswick, Chusi Li

Specialized vacuum lines; Finnigan MAT252 dedicated for sulfur