Fall 2010 Colloquia

August 30: First day of classes, no colloquium

September 6: Labor Day, no colloquium

September 13: David Polly, Department of Geological Sciences, Indiana University. Title: Hip-deep in giant snakes: Titanaboa and temperature in the Paleocene.

September 20: Enrique Merino, Department of Geological Sciences, Indiana University. Title: Dynamics of burial dolomitization.

September 27: Bob Bodnar, Geosciences, Virginia Tech Title:Applications of melt inclusions in igneous petrogenesis.

October 4: Walter Hasenmueller, Indiana Geological Survey Title: STATEMAP at the Indiana Geological Survey: the status of bedrock mapping projects.

October 11: Brian Tucker, GeoHazards International Title: Earthquake Risk of Developing Countries.

October 18: Tim Byrne, Department of Geography, University of Connecticut.

October 25: David Baxter, Physics Department, Indiana University. Title: Novel probes of material structure and dynamics at IU’s Center for the Exploration of Energy and Matter.

November 1: No colloquium, GSA Annual Meeting, Denver CO

November 8: Joe Smyth, University of Colorado Title: Water in the Earth's Interior.

November 15: Roel Snieder, Colorado School of Mines Title: The Global Energy Challenge.

November 22: No colloquium, Thanksgiving week

November 29: David Fike, Washington University, St Louis Title: A high-resolution δ34S approach to investigate the impact of environmental conditions on microbial sulfur cycling.

December 6: Todd Royer, School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), Indiana University. Title: Using field experiments to examine coupled biogeochemical cycles in Indiana streams

December 13: No colloquium, AGU Annual Meeting, San Francisco CA