Spring 2005 Colloquia

January 24 Victor Bense, Geological Sciences, IU Bloomington. Title: The hydraulic properties of faults: faults as seals, faults as channels

January 27 Ralph Milliken, Brown University. Brown Bag Title: Ice-rich deposits and climate change: Evidence for recent glacial periods on Mars

January 31 Liliana Lefticariu, Geological Sciences, IU Bloomington Title: Gypsum-anhydrite transition: a source of water during diagenesis?

February 3 Brandy Anglen, Geological Sciences, IU Bloomington Brown Bag Title: A summer of geological research in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica

February 7 Ross Hill (Tudor Speaker), Chevron Title: Seismic Imaging of Complex Geological Structures

February 21 Don Siegel, Syracuse University. Title: The Isotopic Characterization of Large Peatlands: A key to Hydrology and Biochemical Cycling of Carbon

February 24 J. Robert Dodd, Geological Sciences, IU Bloomington. Title: Rhinos, Rifts, and Rocks of Tanzania - A Geological Travelog

February 28 Jeffrey Over, State University of New York College at Geneseo. Title: Upper Devonian Mass Extinction and the Frasnian-Famennian Boundary in Eastern North America

March 7 Yifeng Wang, Sandia National Laboratories. Title: Biogeochemical modeling of heavy metal transport in subsurface environments: Coupling transport, microbial metabolis

April 11 Grant Garven, Johns Hopkins University. Title: Hot Fluids, Sea Floor Hydrogeology, and Formation of the World's Largest Zinc Deposit at Red Dog, Alaska

April 18 Caleb Schiff, Geological Sciences, IU Bloomington. Title: Width and oxygen isotopic composition of tree rings as proxy for recent Southern Indiana climate