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November: Post-Doc Seth Young's Work Published in Geology, with commentary in on-line publications


water on the moon

“This is just remarkable. Until now, we have never found water on the moon, at least in the form of H2O” quoting Abhijit Basu in "Water on the moon: Indiana University geologist comments" from the IU News Room. HERE

NASA reported on Nov. 13 that preliminary data from the Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS, indicated the mission uncovered water when its upper-stage rocket crashed into the moon's Cabeus Crater on Oct. 9. The evidence was based on a close match between the spectrometer signature of near-infrared light passing through a plume kicked up by the rocket, and the signature of water. Image credit: NASA

May: Undergraduate Student Awards (click on poster to download a copy)

Departmental Citizenship Award - TreVor Howald
Maynard and Winifred Coller Scholarship - Kellie Donoghue
Professional Development Award - Crystal Hout
Faculty Scholarship Award - Laura Jones
Junior Award - Robert Johnson
N. Gary Lane Beginning Geologist Award - Julia Pigott
Bill and Jan Cordua Scholarship - Bissett Young

Graduate Student Awards

Estwing Award - Michelle Lawing
Departmental Citizenship Award - Laura Podratz
John and Mary Droste Award - Kevin Robertson

Graduate Fellowships

Kennecott Eagle Fellowship - Xin Ding
Chevron Oil Company - Ray Chuang; Manas Singha; Robert Waddell
ExxonMobil Fellowship - Humberto Carvajal-Ortiz
Galloway/Petty/Horowitz Fellowship - Emily Gercke; Robin Green
William D. Thornbury Fellowship in Geomorphology - Kenneth O'Donnell
Tudor Fellowship - Chinaemerem Kanu
Grassmann Fellowship - Tingting Liu; Hongji Yuan; Liming Zhu

Judson Mead Geological Field Station Awards

Deiss Scholarship - Dalton Hardisty
Judson Mead Scholarship - Jeremy Degler; Bissett Young; Casey Baldwin; Elisabeth Gawthrop; Jenelle Steffen; Paola Arenas; Kellie Donoghue; Michelle Gray; Matthew Patterson

May: Hsiu-Wen Wang Wins 2009 Mineralogical Society of America Award


Hsiu-Wen Wang has just won the 2009 Mineralogical Society of America's Edward H. Kraus Crystallographic Research Award for Research in Crystallography for her work entitled, "Investigation of phase transition mechanisms for NAT-type natural zeolites: natrolite, mesolite and scolecite."

The grant awards up to $5,000 for research in the field of mineralogical crystallography. In particular, this grant targets projects within the areas of mineralogy, crystal chemistry, petrology, mineral physics, biomineralization, and geochemistry for which research bearing on crystal structure is an explicit and integral element.

The competition for this award is international, and this is one of the highest awards in the field of mineralogy in the world. I know you'll join me in congratulating her on this wonderful achievement. Dave Bish, Professor

April: Colloquium Features J. William Schopf

Professor of Paleobiology at the Center for the Study of Evolution and the Origins of Life, Department of Earth and Space Sciences, UCLA
Talk entitled, "The Earliest History of Life: Solution to Darwin’s Dilemma."
Time and place: S201 (Geological Survey), 4:00 p.m. ABSTRACT

March: Crossroads Geology Conference

The Friday session focused on research with student oral and poster presentations throughout the day, and late-afternoon lectures in our special session "Earth, Energy and the Environment". A job fair took place on Saturday for students and industry professionals. More details can be found on the SGE web page at:


Lisa Pratt has been awarded the title Chancellor’s Professor. This award is given to faculty members who have achieved local, national, and international distinction in both teaching and research.

Lisa now carries the title of Provost’s Professor. An award reception for Lisa and David Clemmer (Chemistry) who is this year's honoree as Tray M. Sonneborn Lectureship was held in October.

In announcing the award Tom Gieryn, the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs, wrote to Lisa "You have an outstanding record of research and teaching and have brought recognition to the university. We are so appreciative of your contributions in so many areas and proud of your accomplishments. Thank you for all you do for Indiana University. It is faculty like you who make this university a very special place." These are words that so aptly describe the remarkable qualities that Lisa exemplifies, which benefit her students, her colleagues and collaborators, and enrich our Department.


Dr. David Polly and Colleagues: Fossil Snake Discovery


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