Faculty Members by Discipline

Atmospheric Sciences

Atmospheric modelling and nonlinear dynamics, large-scale circulation modelling, tropical cyclones, remote sensing, ensemble data assimilation, numerical weather prediction.
Kieu, Kirkpatrick, Staten


Isotopic, molecular and organic geochemistry, astrobiology.
, Elswick, Mastalerz, Picardal, Pratt, Ripley, Sauer, Schieber, Schimmelmann, Wasylenki, White, Zhu

Economic Geology

Mineral, water and fossil fuel resources.
Bish, Brophy, Li, Mastalerz Ripley

Geobiology, Geoanthropology, Geoarchaeology

Paleontology, paleoecology, paleoclimatology.
Brassell, Elswick, Herrmann, C. Johnson, Motz, Njau, Polly, Pratt

Geophysics, Structural Geology and Tectonics

Seismology, geodesy, regional orogenic processes, rock mechanics.
Douglas, Fosdick, Hamburger, K.Johnson, Pavlis, Wintsch

Mineralogy & Clay Mineralogy

Rock and mineral analysis, volcanology.
Basu, Bish, Brophy, Li, Ripley, Schieber, Wintsch

Near-Surface Processes and Environmental Geosciences

Hydrogeology, physical and chemical hydrology, mathematical modeling.
Craft, Edmonds, Letsinger, Wasylenki, White, Zhu

Sedimentation & Stratigraphy

Physical & chemical sedimentation, Earth history.
Basu, Brassell, Edmonds, Elswick, Fosdick, Pratt, Schieber, Wintsch

GeoScience Education

Learning, teaching and knowing in the Geological Sciences.


Faculty and Scientist Research Profiles

Abhijit Basu »

Provenance of siliciclastic sediments in terrestrial planetary bodies.

Herman B. Wells Professor
office: GY521
phone: 812-855-6654
email: basu@indiana.edu

David Bish »

Surface properties, crystallography and geochemistry of clay minerals. Applications of clay and zeolite minerals and interactions with organic pollutants. Rheology of clay suspensions.

Haydn Murray Chair of Applied Clay Mineralogy
office: GY209
phone: 812-855-2039
email: bish@indiana.edu

Simon C. Brassell »

Molecular and isotopic characteristics of organic matter. Biogeochemical processes. Paleoclimates. biochemical evolution. Petroleum carbon cycling.

Professor of Geological Sciences and Director of Graduate Studies
office: MSBII 404
phone: 812-855-3786
email: simon@indiana.edu | Graduate Admission Information: geodgs@indiana.edu

James G. Brophy »

Chemical and physical processes of magmatic crystallization and differentiation. Origin and geochemistry of layered intrusions and lavas. Experimental petrology.

Professor of Geological Sciences and Director of Undergraduate Studies
office: GY309
phone: 812-855-6417
email: brophy@indiana.edu

Christopher Craft »

Terrestrial and wetland ecosystem restoration, wetlands ecology, soil resources, biogeochemistry, nutrient cycling and carbon sequestration of soils and sediments

Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs
Adjunct Faculty: Department of Geological Sciences
office: MSBII 408
phone: 812-855-5971
email: ccraft@indiana.edu
SPEA website

Bruce Douglas »

Brittle and ductile deformation mechanisms. Fault development and deformation mechanisms. Mantle rheology. Geometry of fold and thrust belts.

Senior Lecturer and Director, IU Judson Mead Geologic Field Station
office: GY421
phone: 812-855-3848
email: douglasb@indiana.edu

Douglas Edmonds »

Sedimentology, stratigraphy, and geomorphology of depositional sedimentary systems.

Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences
office: GY425
phone: 855-4512
email: edmondsd@indiana.edu
research website: Sed Systems Research

Erika Elswick »

Stable isotopes in sedimentary environments and ore deposits. Metals in the environment. Tropical soils. Low temperature hydrothermal rock–water interactions. Microbial activity.

Senior Lecturer and Director, Analytical Geochemistry Laboratory
office: MSBII 428
phone: 812-855-2493
email: eelswick@indiana.edu

Julie C. Fosdick »

Tectonics, thermochronology, and sedimentary basin analysis

Robert R. Schrock Professorship in Sedimentary Geology
Assistant Professor
office: GY 405
phone: 855-6109
email: jfosdick@indiana.edu
research website: Julie C Fosdick

Michael W. Hamburger »

Seismotectonics. Volcanology. Interplate deformation. Earth science education.

Professor of Geological Sciences
office: GY415
phone: 812-855-2934
email: hamburg@indiana.edu

Edward Herrmann »

Geoarchaeology, sedimentation and stratigraphy, deposition and geomorphology in fluvial systems.

Research Scientist
office: GY 417
phone: 856-0587
email: edherrma@indiana.edu

Claudia C. Johnson »

Geobiology. Caribbean geology. Reefs. Evolution of rudistid bivalves. Paleoclimate.

Associate Professor of Geological Sciences
office: GY501
phone: 812-855-0646
email: claudia@indiana.edu

Kaj Johnson »

Active deformation of the crust. Earthquakes. Earthquake cycle deformation. Fault friction. Mechanical modeling.

Judson Mead Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences
office: GY401
phone: 812-855-3612
email: kajjohns@indiana.edu
research website: please visit my Personal Web Page

Chanh Kieu »

Atmospheric dynamics (mesoscale), nonlinear dynamical systems, ensemble data assimilation, tropical cyclones, numerical weather prediction

Assistant Professor
office: GY517
phone: 812-856-5704
email: ckieu@indiana.edu

Cody Kirkpatrick »

Atmospheric hazards, numerical weather prediction, climatology of severe weather

office: MSBII 304
phone: 812-855-3481
email: codykirk@indiana.edu

Sally Letsinger »

Hydrogeology, geographic information systems, and remote sensing

Research Hydrologist, Indiana Geological Survey
Adjunct Faculty: Geological Sciences
office: S427
phone: 812-855-1356
email: sletsing@indiana.edu

Chusi Li »

Petrogenesis and tectonic settings of mafic and ultramafic rocks.

Senior Scientist and Director, Microprobe Lab
office: GY217
phone: 812-855-5404
email: cli@indiana.edu

Adam V. Maltese »

GeoScience education: Learning, teaching and knowing in the Geological Sciences

Assistant Professor of Science Education
Adjunct Faculty Geological Sciences
office: Wright (Education) 3054
phone: 812-856-8059
email: amaltese@indiana.edu

Maria Mastalerz »

Coal geology. Petrology and chemistry of coal, kerogen and bitumen. Coalbed methane and carbon dioxide adsorption. Stable isotopes. Properties of coal combustion products.

Research Scientist/Coal Geologist, Indiana Geological Survey
Adjunct Faculty: Geological Sciences
office: S225
phone: 812-855-9416
email: mmastale@indiana.edu

Jackson Njau »

Paleoanthropology, Paleontology. Early hominid evolution and environments in Olduvai Gorge and other areas in East Africa

Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences
office: GY513
phone: 812-856-3170
email: jknjau@indiana.edu

Gary L. Pavlis »

Seismic imaging by wavefield methods and tomography. Inverse methods. Geophysical data processing. Tectonics of convergent plate margins. Seismicity of the mid-continent.

Professor of Geological Sciences, Director of Graduate Admissions
office: GY409
phone: 812-855-5141
email: pavlis@indiana.edu

Flynn Picardal »

Environmental microbiology, bioremediation, and biogeochemistry.

Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences (SPEA), Adjunct Professor in Geological Sciences
office: MSBII 418
phone: 812-855-0733
email: picardal@indiana.edu;

P. David Polly »

Vetebrate paleontology

Associate Professor of Geological Sciences
office: GY524A
phone: 812-855-7994
email: pdpolly@indiana.edu
research website: Polly Lab Website

Lisa M. Pratt »

Geomicrobiology of extremophiles. Biotic and abiotic fractionation of S isotopes. Life detection probes for deployment in Mars subsurface. Cretaceous C isotope excursions.

Professor of Geological Sciences and Chair, Department of Geological Sciences
office: MSBII 416
phone: 812-855-9203
email: prattl@indiana.edu
research website: GETGAMM

Edward M. Ripley »

Genesis of metallic ore deposits. Applications of stable isotopic geochemistry in petrology. Igneous and hydrothermal processes on metals. Thermodynamic/kinetic modeling.

Professor of Geological Sciences
office: GY329
phone: 812-855-1196
email: ripley@indiana.edu

Peter E. Sauer »

Stable isotopes (C, N, H, O). Paleoclimatic records from sediments, tree-rings, and soils. Transformations of organic matter during diagenesis and maturation of oil and coal.

Assistant Scientist and Director, Stable Isotope Research Facility
office: MSBII 410
phone: 812-855-6591
email: pesauer@indiana.edu

Juergen Schieber »

Early diagenetic mineral formation in shales. Preservation of microbes in mudstones. Provenance of quartz in mudstones.

Professor of Geological Sciences
office: GY523
phone: 812-855-5322
email: jschiebe@indiana.edu
research website: Shale Research Lab

Arndt Schimmelmann »

Stable isotopes in fossil fuels, stable isotopes in biomass, paleoclimatology of laminated sediments.

Senior Scientist
office: GY321
phone: 812-855-7645
email: aschimme@indiana.edu
research website: Schimmelmann Research

Paul Staten »

Atmospheric dynamics, climate–cloud interactions, remote instrumentation, and climate change.

Assistant Professor
office: MSBII 302
phone: 812-856-5135
email: pwstaten@indiana.edu

Laura Wasylenki »

Metal isotope geochemistry.

Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences
office: MSBII 420
phone: 812-855-7508
email: lauraw@indiana.edu
research website: Sesame Lab

Jeffrey R. White »

Biogeochemistry, aquatic chemistry, chemical limnology.

Professor of Environmental Sciences, SPEA
Adjunct Faculty: Geological Sciences
office: MSBII 412
phone: 812-855-0731
email: whitej@indiana.edu

Robert P. Wintsch »

Metamorphic petrology, structural petrology, tectonics, geochronology

Professor of Geological Sciences
office: GY325
phone: 812-855-4018
email: wintsch@indiana.edu

Chen Zhu »

Geochemistry and isotopes. Thermodynamics and kinetics of chemical reactions. Carbon sequestration. Geochemical modeling.

Professor of Geological Sciences,
Adjunct Professor, Environmental Sciences. Adjunct Professor, Environmental Health.
office: MSBII 424
phone: 812-856-1884
email: chenzhu@indiana.edu


Emeritus Faculty

Robert Blakely


email: blakely@indiana.edu

David L. Dilcher


office: S209
phone: 812-856-0618
email: dilcher@indiana.edu

J. Robert Dodd


office: GY119
phone: 812-855-4957
email: dodd@indiana.edu

John Droste


email: droste@indiana.edu

Jeremy Dunning

Structural geology, rock mechanics, and geoinformatics.

email: dunning@indiana.edu

Donald Hattin


office: GY117
phone: 812-855-8232
email: hattin@indiana.edu

Henk Haitjema

Adjunct Faculty: Geological Sciences

phone: 812-855-0563
email: haitjema@indiana.edu

Erle Kauffman


email: kauffman@indiana.edu

Brian D. Keith

Adjunct Faculty: Geological Sciences

office: S117
phone: 812-855-4213
email: keithb@indiana.edu

Enrique Merino


office: GY117
phone: 812-855-5088
email: merino@indiana.edu

Greg A. Olyphant

Ecohydrology. Vadose zone dynamics. Watersheds and fluvial systems

office: S423
phone: 812-855-1351
email: olyphant@indiana.edu

Lee J. Suttner


office: GY119
phone: 812-855-4957
email: suttner@indiana.edu


Visiting Scientists, Research Associates, and Post-Doctoral Fellows

Alice Hui

Sesame Lab Manager

Research Associate
office: MSBII 001A
phone: 812-856-1556
email: akhui@indiana.edu

Bill Monaghan

Senior Research Scientist, Indiana Geological Survey
Adjunct Professor: Geological Sciences and Anthropology

office: S327
phone: 812-856-3542
emil: gmonagha@indiana.edu

Gary Motz

CBRC Project Coordinator/Paleontology
Center for Biological Research Collections

Research Associate
office: GY519 and Smith Research Center 130C
phone: TBA
email: garymotz@indiana.edu

Shuijiong Wang

Sesame Lab

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
office: MSBII 450B
phone: 206-582-0210 (cell)
email: shuiwang@indiana.edu