Geomorphology & Landscape Evolution
Lab Members
Brian Yanites and daughter

brian yanites

Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences, Geomorphology (Curriculum Vitae)

  • 2002 B.A. Earth and Planetary Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis
  • 2005 M.S., Geosciences, University of Arizona
  • 2009 Ph.D., Geological Sciences, University of Colorado

Research interests: Quantifying the evolution of topography over a range of space- and time-scales. Techniques include field-work, cosmogenic nuclides, numerical modeling
Other interests: Hiking, camping, cooking,

Quinn Lewis

quinn lewis

Post-Doctoral Fellow, IU Grand Challenge
(Curriculum Vitae)

  • Arrived Spring 2018
  • 2011 B.S., University of Wisconsin La Crosse
  • 2014 M.S., University of Illinois
  • 2017 Ph.D., University of Illinois, Geography and Geographic Information Science

Quinn Lewis received his PhD in fluvial geomorphology from the University of Illinois in the Department of Geography and GIS. His research interests are centered on advancement of fluvial geomorphology and water resources through innovative fieldwork, with a focus on interdisciplinary approaches to complex problems.

Jeff Larimer

jeff larimer

Jeff Larimer, PhD student in Geological Sciences

  • Arrived Fall 2013
  • 2011 B.S., Geosciences, Georgia State University
  • 2012 Olympian in whitewater canoe slalom
  • 2015 M.S., Geological Sciences, University of Idaho

Masters: Quantifying topographic response to perturbations in baselevel change along the Salmon River over million year timescales using cosmogenic nuclides and numerical modeling.

PhD: Quantifying the role of different rock properties in limiting or enhancing erosion. My goal is to relate rock strength, erosion process, and the resulting river morphology. Techniques involve field observation of stream morphology, analysis of geotechnical properties, rock fatigue tests, and flume experiments.

Other Interests: Whitewater canoeing and making music

Brigid Lynch

brigid lynch

Brigid Lynch, PhD student in Geological Sciences

  • Arrived Fall 2014
  • 2013 B.S. Geological Sciences, University of Michigan
  • Research interests: Relationship between the evolution topography and variations in climate.

Other interests: Cooking, biking, softball, boxing, camping.

Nate Mitchell

nate mitchell

Nate Mitchell, PhD student in Geological Sciences

  • Arrived Fall, 2015
  • 2011 B.S. Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia
  • 2015 M.S. Geological Sciences, University of Minnesota Duluth

Research interests: Landscape evolution, fluvial processes, and the sensitivity of channel morphology to climate, sediment, lithology, and tectonics.
Other interests: Guitar, music, and computers

Cody Parker

cody parker - alumnus

  • Employed by the U.S. Forest Service, Boise Idaho
  • 2013 B.S. Environmental Science, University of Idaho
  • Research: Quantifying sediment yield variability and the rate of sediment production for the Fernan Lake watershed.

Other interests: Fly fishing, hiking, wasting money on my jeep.

Clay Sorensen

clay sorensen - alumnus

  • Employed by GSI Environmental
  • 2015 M.S. Geological Sciences, University of Idaho
  • 2011 B.S. Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz

Research interests: Fluvial processes and morphology including sediment transport.
Other interests: Soccer, music, swimming, fishing, and camping


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