Geomorphology & Landscape Evolution
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Yanites and Kesler, 2015: Nature Geoscience News and Views

Brent Grocholski: "The location of copper deposits would seem to have little to tell us about the role of climate on mountain erosion." Science Magazine June, 2015

Vittorio Hernandez: "Study: Climate Affects Copper Deposits" International Business Times May, 2015.

"A climate signal in the global distribution of copper deposits." May 2015.

"UI Researcher’s work reveals pattern in Earth’s copper deposits." Clearwater Tribune May, 2015.

university press

"Digging Into the World of Copper." Tara Roberts for the University of Idaho College of Science News & Events.

"A climate signal in the global distribution of copper deposits." Jim Erickson for the University of Michigan News & Events. May, 2015.

Yanites et al., 2011. Colin Schultz: "Earthquake-generated landslides: An important control of riverbed erosion." DOI

Yanites and Tucker, 2010. Ernie Tretkoff: "Research Spotlight: What controls bedrock channel geometry?" DOI

Yanites et al., 2010. In Dutch: "Samenspel aardbeving, -verschuiving en rivier." Link.


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